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Creating a safe environment

Many feel anxiety or depression just at the thought of going to see a therapist. Our office offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that will help you feel focused and safe throughout the entire session.

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Social nervousness

- Uncontrollable sadness

The Center for Adult and Child Counseling offers years of experience and licensed care to all patients. Whether you are struggling with the effects of anxiety or depression, your improvement of mood and outlook on life is our #1 priority.

Feel the

immediate release

Anxiety and depression are extremely damaging to the psyche. At the Center for Adult and Child Counseling we work to release the stress associated with these mood changes.

Let our therapist bring you relief

The feeling of anxiety or depression can be overwhelming not only to you, but your family members. Learning about oneself with a trained therapist is an important tool for getting healthy. If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, our therapists can offer you comprehensive solutions to help you deal with your issues head on.

Tackle your problems:

Licensed care

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Depression can be recognized as a low mood and may affect appetite or sleep. Depression and anxiety frequently occur together, signaling a call for help.